Info for Teens and Parents
According to the Center for Disease Control, one in five high schoolers use e-cigarettes. It's a serious issue. 1 in 5 teens in Massachusetts regularly use vapes, and almost half of teens have tried vaping at least once. Recently, vaping has been suspected of causing life-threatening acute lung issues.The high school has disciplinary procedures when students are caught vaping or with vape materials at school.  

     However, we do not feel that punitive action alone will impact the reduction of student vaping.  We have worked with several community organizations to provide information and counseling support to assist students with making the right decisions about vaping. Be Healthy Beverly is a community group working with Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative and Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration and Drug Free Communities Grants. The Drug Free Communities grant is paying for our school adjustment counselors and wellness teachers to be trained in cessation counseling. The Evelyn Lily Lutz Foundation through Beverly Hospital has hired McCann Global Health to form a campaign geared towards anti vaping for teens. Groups of our students have had focus groups with McCann to help form the campaign. McCann has developed a how to speak with your child about vaping guide. The guide is attached at the end of this article.  Next step is a "hackathon" or campaign to bring attention to the dangers of vaping to our students.  Ashley Hall from Northeast Tobacco Prevention was also at our Sept 10th open house to speak with parents.  In addition we provide an alternative to suspension, the PASS program, when students have a disciplinary infraction related to vaping.  The PASS program, which is located at the McPherson Youth Center, students meet with counselors at the program who are certified in tobacco cessation. They also work on the decision making process that teens encounter around vaping. 

           Beverly High School is grateful to these community partners who are helping us to reduce the risk of vaping in our schools.  As a school, we will continue to find supports and interventions that will help our students make healthy choices